AC Replacement Drone Video at Alia Business Centre



AAI Drones was commissioned to document the intricate process of replacing a faulty air conditioning unit at Alia Future Business Centre in Peterborough, England. This case study elaborates on the deployment of advanced drone technology to create a detailed corporate video and photo documentation used in marketing and presentations.

Project Overview

Client: Alia Future Business Centre
Objective: To document the entire replacement process of a rooftop air conditioning unit and produce a corporate video.
Location: Peterborough, England
Service Provider: AAI Drones
Date of Operation: March 9th, 2024

Methods Employed


Two drones were utilized for this project:

  • DJI Mini 3 Pro: Capable of 48MP photographs and 4K 60fps video recording.
  • DJI Mavic 3 Pro: Features multiple cameras including a 4/3 inch Hasselblad camera for high-quality image capture and enhanced zoom capabilities.

Project Duration

The documentation covered the entire process in a single-day shoot, capturing both the removal of the old unit and the installation of the new one.

Documentation Procedure and Highlights

Drone Videography Tactics

  • Strategic Angles: Various angles were used to capture the scale of the operation and intricate technical details.
  • Real-time Capture: The replacement process was recorded chronologically to provide a coherent narrative of the events.
  • Safety Emphasis: The video highlighted the safety measures implemented during the operation to underscore the company’s commitment to safe practices.

Stages of Documentation

  • Pre-Removal Stage: Initial footage showcased the condition and location of the old unit before its removal.
  • Removal Process: Techniques used for detaching and lowering the old unit were meticulously captured.
  • Installation Stage: The installation of the new unit was documented in detail, focusing on the equipment and personnel involved.



  • Corporate Video: A fully edited corporate video was produced, incorporating both 20MP and 48MP images to demonstrate the replacement process effectively.
  • Client Feedback: The client praised the comprehensive portrayal of the activity, which highlighted both efficiency and adherence to safety standards.

Additional Considerations

  • Technical Insight: The video included text overlays that explained the steps involved in the air conditioning unit’s installation.
  • Time-Lapse Options: A time-lapse sequence was also offered to depict the entire process succinctly for viewer convenience.


The professional drone footage provided by AAI Drones offered a vivid and detailed visual account of the air conditioning unit replacement at Alia Future Business Centre. This case study not only reflects the capabilities of drone videography in industrial applications but also enhances the company’s marketing and corporate communication efforts.

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