Hotel Construction Drone Survey in Protaras, Cyprus



Utilizing advanced drone technology, AAI Drones conducted a crucial aerial survey to monitor the construction progress of a multi-story hotel for Golden Coast Marina in Protaras, Cyprus. This case study outlines the objectives, methodologies, results, and strategic insights from the survey executed on November 8th, 2023, showcasing the role of drones in modern construction projects.

Project Overview

Client: Golden Coast Marina, Cyprus
Objective: To monitor ongoing construction activities and generate regular progress reports through aerial surveys.
Location: Protaras, Cyprus
Service Provider: AAI Drones
Project Description: Multi-story hotel development

Methods Employed


The survey utilized the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, which features a 1/1.3 inch sensor for 48 MP photography and 4K video at 60 fps, ensuring detailed quality of visuals necessary for precise monitoring.

Frequency of Monitoring

A single flight was conducted to capture the current state of the construction site, providing a comprehensive set of visuals including videos and photos.

Survey Procedure and Highlights

Drone Monitoring Tactics

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The drone performed full sweeps across the construction site, capturing all angles to ensure a complete assessment of the project’s progress.
  • High-Resolution Imaging: Detailed images and videos were recorded to document newly constructed areas and compare them with earlier stages.

Construction Progress Insights

  • Structural Developments: Newly added floors and sections were documented to track the construction progress.
  • Resource Allocation: Current deployment of materials and machinery was assessed.
  • Workforce Activity: The distribution and activity of the workforce were meticulously recorded, providing insights into the project dynamics.



  • Visual Documentation: The client received 30 high-resolution photos and five raw videos in 4K resolution, along with one fully edited corporate video to be used in various communications and presentations.
  • Client Feedback: The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the utility of the visual data in tracking key construction milestones and assessing overall project development.

Additional Considerations

  • Risk Assessment: Drone flights identified potential risks, such as crane placements and ground hazards, which were crucial for maintaining site safety.
  • Regulatory Compliance: All drone operations were conducted in strict adherence to local construction and air safety regulations to ensure full compliance with legal standards.


The aerial survey provided by AAI Drones proved to be an invaluable tool for Golden Coast Marina, facilitating effective oversight and documentation of the hotel construction in Protaras. By offering detailed and actionable visual data, AAI Drones helped the project team keep stakeholders informed and supported timely decision-making to adhere to project timelines.

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