Drone Wedding Photography in Cyprus: Golden Coast



AAI Drones provided unique aerial photography services for a private wedding party held at the Golden Coast Hotel in Cyprus. This case study illustrates the creative use of drone technology to capture the essence of a festive occasion, detailing the approach, execution, and outcomes of the aerial photography session conducted on May 21st, 2023.

Project Overview

Client: Private Wedding Party
Objective: To capture high-quality aerial footage and photographs that highlight the aesthetics of the wedding event.
Location: Golden Coast Hotel, Protaras, Cyprus
Service Provider: AAI Drones

Methods Employed


The DJI Mini 3 Pro was used for its ability to shoot in 4K at 60 fps and capture 48 MP photos, ideal for detailed and vibrant aerial shots.

Weather Conditions

The event enjoyed sunny weather with excellent natural lighting, perfect for outdoor drone photography.

Photography Session and Highlights

Drone Photography Tactics

  • Strategic Timing: Photos and footage were strategically taken at times that best captured the ambiance and emotional highlights of the event.
  • Altitude Variation: The drone operated at various altitudes to obtain both expansive shots and closer, intimate moments.
  • Guest Dynamics: Special focus was placed on capturing the liveliness and interaction among guests.

Key Moments Captured

  • Guest Arrangements: Overhead shots of guest seating and the interaction area provided a unique perspective on the venue layout.
  • Ceremony Capture: Aerial views of the wedding ceremony highlighted the ceremonial proceedings with a bird’s eye view.
  • Reception Layout: Images of guests in the communal areas helped to capture the social atmosphere of the reception.



  • Edited Video and Photos: The client received a fully edited video of the event along with 40 high-resolution images, which were used to enhance the couple’s personal wedding album.
  • Client Feedback: The unique aerial perspectives offered by the drone footage were highly praised for adding a special touch to the wedding memories.

Additional Considerations

  • Privacy Considerations: Care was taken to respect the privacy of all guests, with sensitive footage being handled appropriately.
  • Noise Minimization: Drone operation was carefully managed to minimize noise during critical moments of the celebration to avoid disruption.


The drone-based photography at the wedding captured stunning visuals that enriched the celebration. AAI Drones’ expertise in aerial photography allowed for the creation of a memorable visual record that highlighted the beauty and joy of the occasion, providing the couple and their guests with unique mementos of their special day.

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